love your neighbor

Introducing our NEW prayer initiative!

Harvest Church is encouraging family and friends to pray for their neighbors. Click the video to the right to listen in as we go over the Prayer Playbook, share creative ideas, and rally together to reach our neighborhoods with the gospel.

What will we be doing?

Prayer Walking Around Neighborhoods

Walk (or slowly drive through) your neighborhood and pray for your neighbors by house address, apartment number, etc.

Download the Prayer Playbook

Letting Neighbors Know We're Here

Make your neighbors aware that we are here to help if anyone has any needs, whether it be to talk, for prayer, or even a practical need.

Download the Neighbor Letter Template

Over time, and as social restrictions are lifted, we'll take more intentional and deliberate steps to engage our neighbors,  just as they did in the Bible!  😊

Want to learn more?

Click here to email us for details.