Health  &  Safety  Guidelines

Your health and well-being are always a priority for us. Here are the safety guidelines we are currently implementing.

Masks: We are asking everyone to please wear a mask as you enter, exit, and move around the building, much like restaurant protocol. Once you're in your seat, you may remove your mask for worship. We require our staff and volunteers to wear a mask. We also encourage wearing one while in small groups or class settings and events. Our goal is create an environment where everyone feels safe.

Distancing: Let us continue to love each other well by continuing to implement social distancing and respect one another by honoring the 6-foot rule (unless someone invites you into their personal space). If you want to spend time with your friends before or after service, please use the courtyard or outdoor areas.

Sanitizing: We are keeping the building sanitized, including spraying down the sanctuary chairs with sanitizer after each service. Please help us by washing your hands or using hand sanitizer that we have in the foyer and back of the sanctuary.

Sanctuary: The seats in the sanctuary will be set up and spaced out to provide for social distancing. Once you arrive, please see an Usher to be seated. They will seat you depending on the number of people with you. At the end of service, we will dismiss by section to allow for proper distancing while exiting the building.

H Kids Jr and H Kids (birth-4th grade): The Kid Zone lobby is closed and only accessible to children and volunteers. To drop-off your child(ren), enter through the main church doors, and head to the Café. Check-in, drop-off, and pick-up is at the top of the stairs near the Café. You will not be able to walk your child(ren) to their class, but we have capable, friendly volunteers ready to welcome and help your children get to their class.

Greeting: Our First Impression team is here to welcome and serve you; however, our volunteers will refrain from our usual handshakes and hugs and instead greet one another with a friendly wave. We will also implement this courtesy within our congregation during worship services.

Café: Our café will be open but will not be self-serve. Our volunteers will pour and serve all coffee, as well as hand out cream, sugar, and stirrers.

Offering: Our time of giving will take place at the end of service. If you choose to give in person, giving buckets will be at the doors as you exit the sanctuary. Digital giving options are still available. You can give online at, or you can give by texting any amount to 803.232.7237.

Communion: For all upcoming onsite services with communion, we will use individually pre-packaged sacraments that will be placed at each seat prior to service.

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